DNA Files

If someone don't want to use the DNA-Editor in my program you also could write a DNA file with a normal texteditor, but there are few rules:
- Each line must begin with the number 3 or number 5. This shows which single strings is read in this line.
- There is no need to switch the numbers in each line, you also could write 100 lines with a 5 in the beginning. But I think it's better to write the 3'-5' string under 5'-3' string and switch in this way.
- It's very important that there is a new line - and only one ! - at the end of the file.
- Only the letters A, C, G, T (It's unimportant if you use upper case or lower case letters!) and Space are allowed in the file - besides the 5 and 3 at the beginning.

If someone like to test, if I really take care of each of this mistakes above, feel free to try! ;)

Hint: If you want to create a very large DNA string it's easier to write first one string, then create the other one with the same amount of empty spaces as bases are in the first and only set the last base right. E.g.


Then let the program read this string and call "Blunt". The program will automatically fill the empty spaces.

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