Version History

DNA-View version 1.3 (released 15.11.03)
- implemented undo function
- implemented split function
- fixed some bugs with paste

DNA-View version 1.2 (released 21.10.03)
- if current position is last in OpenGL it is shown red
- mozilla now opens helpfile in new instance
- choosed different text zoom (now bigger letters)
- fixed bug with slider if you add base at last position

DNA-View version 1.1 (released 19.10.03)
- paste at the end of a string implemented
- STRG+A markes the whole string
- set white characters on graphical bases
- blunting of single strings now possible
- major bugfixe with infinite loop if charset could not zoom
- fixed some problems with text mode under Solaris
- stats are now shown right

DNA-View version 1.0 (released 12.10.03)
- OpenGL grapical mode does work
- fixed one bug with "hopping" cursor
- extra search menu implemented

DNA-View version 0.9 (released 26.09.03)
- rewritten internal classes
- combined create/edit with main window
- finds now selected text
- single strings are correct and can be found, copied and cut (but not blunt) - paste and replace cancelled (aren't useful yet)
- fixed bug that letters haven't same width in the DNA
- integrated Keys Backspace, Delete and Insert
- changed some menu item

DNA-View version 0.8 (never released)
- paste implemented (not working)
- fixed a major bug in show marked text
- changed search routine and fixed some minor bugs there
- changed menu items
- changed create (Copy to Clipboard do not close the window anymore)

DNA-View version 0.7 (released 19.09.03)
- find and refind implemented
- integrated helpfile directly by Mozilla
- user can now edit DNA like the way he creates new
- resizing also updates the screen
- little statistics implemented - fixed some bugs in memory management
- fixed bugs in show marked text
- some minor changes

DNA-View version 0.6 (released 16.09.03)
- created helpfile in HTML
- user can create own DNA now
- added clipboard and copy to it
- fixed bugs in cut
- fixed some minor bugs

DNA-View version 0.5 (released 15.09.03)
- added "Main Window with many DNA Windows"-style
- improved DNA printing on screen because of wrong line breaks
- fixed some minor and major bugs

DNA-View version 0.4 (released 13.09.03)
- firstly prints the DNA strings on the screen
- replaced dnaBox Label with Textedit
- added zoom and "if changed"-variable
- added View Menu and changed Cut Menu
- added help dialogs
- change some things in cut settings
- fixed some minor bugs

DNA-View version 0.3 (released 11.09.03)
- extended graphic with real layout, statusbar, sliders and labels
- added setting for starts and ends
- added cut and blunt to graphic version
- added "open in new window" feature
- added "file exists" dialog in saving
- changed all variables to int or uint because of compatibility
- replaces all printf-messages with dialog boxes
- checks now all memory allocation with Q_CHECK_PTR
- all parts are now completely in QT/C++
- fixed minor bugs

DNA-View version 0.2 (released 09.09.03)
- first version with graphical environment only with file operations in menubar
- write in file
- changed single string cut because of segmentation fault
- fixed some bugs in double single string cut
- changed read from C to QT
- changed search to find more than one match

DNA-View version 0.1 (released 08.09.03)
- first version in text modus without any window with following functions for single and double strings:
- cut, blunt, find one string in another, read from file

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