Shortkey List

Main Window

Shortkey Function
CTRL+N Open an empty DNA window
CTRL+O Open DNA string from file
CTRL+Q Quits program
F1 Open the help file in Mozilla
Shift+F1 About...

DNA Window

Shortkey Function
CTRL+S Save DNA in current file
CTRL+U Save DNA as new file
CTRL+F4 Close DNA window
CTRL+M Creates a new DNA string
CTRL+E Edit a new DNA string
CTRL+R Reset all marks
CTRL+1 Set start for 5-3 string
CTRL+2 Set end for 5-3 string
CTRL+3 Set start for 3-5 string
CTRL+4 Set end for 3-5 string
CTRL+A Marks the whole DNA string
CTRL+C Copy selection to clipboard
CTRL+X Cut selection and ignores rest
CTRL+P Opens the paste dialog
CTRL+V Paste the DNA in clipboard at the end
CTRL+D Sets Undo Point
CTRL+Z Restores DNA with last Undo Point
Backspace (<-) Deletes base before (!) current position
Delete (Del) Deletes base at (!) current position
Insert (Ins) Toggle between Insertion and Overwrite Mode
CTRL+B Blunt DNA string
CTRL+T Split DNA double string in two single strings
CTRL+F Find a DNA sequenz in current DNA string
F3 Searches the DNA sequenz again
CTRL+G Toggle between text and graphic mode
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
F12 Shows some statistical information about the current DNA

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